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Air Conditioners

Comfortmaker Our Best SX2300.  We Give You Choices, We Give You The Best

  • Different seers, sizes, designs, & Energy Saving Model
  • Tougher fins, more durability, better protection
  • Comfortmaker single speed or 2 speed air conditioners
  • 2 speed fan motors and Aerodynamic designs reduce noise
  • So quiet, you could put it in you kitchen
  • 2 speed fan motors running on low will save you on your electrical bills
  • Tougher metal cabinets take a 200 lb. Drop test from 10 feet, Amazing.
  • Galvanized steel cabinets hold up to tough weather conditions
  • Special appliance-grade paint finishes, powder coated, baked on finishes
  • These units have to take a 500 hour salt spray test. That’s a lot of salt
  • The most efficient Copeland Scroll Compressors are the envy of the trades
  • Copeland Compressors rated for lowering operating costs
  • Evaporator indoor coils are made from aluminum

Fantastic Warranties:

  • 10 year on parts
  • 10 year on the compressor
  • Comfortmakers No Hassle Replacement policies.

Comfortmaker Furnaces:

  • Why Comfortmaker Furnaces and Air Conditioners? Look at the name of the product: COMFORTMAKER, that says it all. These furnaces have everything you need.
  • Comfortmaker will take your home to a new level of comfort and efficiency
  • Comfortmaker ET 96% efficient furnace can achieve up to 96.6% efficiency
  • Comfortmaker 2 stage variable speed furnaces can save you up to +45%  on utility bills
  • 2 stage gas furnace run 90% of the time on a lower fire, taking less gas
  • 2 stage ECM blowers use less watts of electricity. One 60 watt bulb vs. 500 watts?
  • Less watts equals less electricity,  which lowers your electrical bills
  • Comformaker heat exchangers are one of the toughest. Better designs, stainless steel, weld free seams, better heat transfer which means greater efficiency
  • Our 2 stage furnaces delivers consistent heating & cooling while saving you money
  • Comfortmaker 2 stage furnaces have helped stop room temperature swings
  • Sturdy steel, insulated cabinets equal quieter and more heat/cooling going into the home
Premium Furnace Warranties, Make the Difference

The ET 96 VS 2stage furnaces include a life time limited warranty on the heat exchangers. A 10 year limited warranty on parts and a 10 year No Hassle Replacement limited warranty. The NO HASSLE REPLACEMENT warranty provides a new equivalent replacement unit if the heat exchangers fail in the 10 years. Restrictions may apply. Contact your Comfortmaker Dealer.

We also have special parts for Tempstar, Comfortmaker, Heil, ArcoAire, & many others