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  • No Overtime Charges
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  • Professional technicians
  • No Trip Charges
  • Locally Owned and Operated
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Preventative Maintenance Program

You Need To Be On Our Preventative Maintenance Program
We are the ONLY company in the area that does not charge overtime!

Gasoline, taxes, mortgages, auto prices, repairs, utility, natural gas, fuel oil, food prices? Where does it END? I have no control over these prices, but I have control over what HIGH TECH HVAC CO. charges. We're here to HELP.

I have a solution to your problems. Let me prove it to you. Customers who are on this program, say it's the best thing they ever did. It pays for itself many times over. Those who are not on this program will lose money, not only on repairs, but also on the high cost of utility bills. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of sending everyone else's kids to college.

Here's a perfect example:

WITHOUT a Maintenance Agreement   
With OUR Maintenance Agreement
Parts: $150.00Parts: $150.00
Parts Discount: $0Parts Discount 15%: $127.50
Trip Charge: $45.00Trip Charge: $0
After Hrs: $90.00After Hrs: $60.00
Total Cost: $285.00Total Cost: $187.50
                                   LOOK AT YOUR SAVINGS - $97.50!!

*The above example is very close to actual experiences. It is based upon a 30 mile round trip, which would take about 45 minutes. If the problem is a burned-out blower motor, the part will be about $150.00. The after hour/weekend/holiday charges are 1. Let's hope it takes one hour to change the motor at $60.00 per hour. You just saved $97.50!

It Pays To Have High Tech HVAC Co. on the Job!

You're still undecided about our Preventative Maintenance Program? You want to think about it? You want to talk it over with your spouse? With the economy being in the state that it is, it would be a safe bet that you want to stretch that dollar.

With this program you will. You say I can't afford it, I say you can't afford not being on it. You save energy/electricity which equals money! You save money with a discount on parts! You now have a built-in insurance policy that covers you 24 hours a day, without all the extra overtime charges that these other companies are charging!