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About Us

Here is my question to you. Is “GOOD” good enough? Is okay equipment and services, “Good Enough?” Well it’s not, & its’s NOT in my vocabulary! “I’ ve been around the block, more than a city bus!” I know what I sell, & I know what the others offer. You see, its not just about one benefits, Look at the whole package deal!

Its Great, fantastic reliable equipment & services. You see, I just don’t focus on the cost. I want to think about words like warranties, reliability, quality, confidence, peace of mind toughness, durability, how much will my energy bills go down? And most of all the intergrity of the company. Am I just going to be another customer or what? What kind of service will I receive? Will it be honest & fantastic? Or some company taking advantage of me?

Our equipment is top of the line in every category. Better quality workmanship & engineering are build into all our Comfortmaker produts. Torture tested in the factories that others can’t compare to. That’s why with Comfortmaker, you received 10 year parts, lifetime heat exchangers, FREE replacement warranties & other benefits. A lot of energy saving choices & rebates.

Isn’t saving +23- +40% on your gas & electric bills a year with our new Comfortmaker equipment a fantastic reality? When focus on Energy said our customers could save 300.00-500.00 a year on there utility bills with our Comfortmakers Products I thought that was super!

Service, how can you put a price tag on our service? Here’s what you receive, discount on parts you are not charged overtime for after hours, weekends, holidays or trip charges. No one else offers that! So what do you get from the others? Expensive service calls, charges on all overtime, flat rate over the top pricing on parts, labor trip charges, & the $100.00 service charge to drive to your home. That’s money you just gave them to show up, without them doing any work at all! We offer Value. Money you can see, Keep it, In your pocket! Keep it for something you really need.

Don’t settle on cheap, Don’t settle for 2nd best. We want to give you the best of all our services & equipment. We will over deliver on all we do for you and your family, like we have done for all of our 2300 customers, because you’re worth it. We will be here to meet all your HVAC needs.